Auckland Folk Festival

After a lot of hemming and hawing, Nat, Barry and I went to the Auckland Folk Festival.  We set up our “Pickin’ Parlour” and invited folks to come on and have a jam.  It was a really great time.  We met a bunch of new interesting musicians, and maybe made a couple of new fans.  I need to remember to start circulating mailing list sign-ups so I can keep in touch with these folks.

Anyway, we heard heaps of great music, and we jammed with new friends and old until well into the wee hours both nights we were there.

Look for a photo of the three of us in an upcoming Rodney Times! And we’ll post new photos here as well.  Unfortunately we didn’t get any video worth posting.  I thought I had a good one of Nat and Dave Alley jamming together, but it didn’t turn out so great.  Darn!