Doin’ it wrong

I’ve had the unenviable experience recently of having to explain to multiple people why they should NOT have us playing at their event.  It’s a shame, we always prefer to be playing over not playing, but the last 5 years have taught us many lessons.  There are just some times when the Pipi Picker brand of bluegrass entertainment is not what you’re looking for.  Current case in point: indoor Christmas Gift Fairs.  In fact, we tend to be very nervous of any indoor event.  We’re great outdoors.  If you’re having any sort of outdoor event and you need a band, CALL US.  We’re for you.  And we’re so non-festive.  I mean, how many people want to listen to rape-murder ballads about trains and whisky while they’re shopping for Christmas Gifts?

Here’s one promise we can make to you: if you look to hire us to play for you, we’re going to make darned sure we’re actually what you want before we sign on.  The last thing we want to do is make someone unhappy and ruin their fun.  If we don’t think we’re going to add the right touch to what you’ve got going on, we’ll tell you!

Sad thing is, now we’re looking at NO upcoming shows, which is very sad.  So e-mail me NOW and let’s see if we are right for you!

A whole new approach

Having grown tired writing html for this site by hand, then wrestling with the vice-like restriction of RapidWeaver, then trying and rejecting Drupal we are now giving WordPress a try.  So far, I’m really liking it.  All I gotta do is figure out where all the buttons are and what they do, then press ’em til it breaks.  I can do that!

In other news, work on the first Pipi Picker album got underway in October of this year and will hopefully be done by January 2012.  Fingers crossed.  Working titles are “Limit 50,” a reference to the bag limit for pipi and cockles in Whangateau harbour or “700 Squirrels,” which is a little harder to explain, but trust me, it’s HILARIOUS.  Oh ho ho.