Harrietville rises like a Phoenix from the flames

For 21 years, the Harrietville Bluegrass and Old Time Country Music Convention was the premier Bluegrass Festival of Victoria, Australia, if not of all Australia. OK, that is entirely my opinion. It sure was a whole lot of fun and full of the most wonderful fun people, and featured amazing music.

Couple years ago, the organizers decided to move it to Beechworth, which was heartbreaking. To keep bluegrass in Harrietville, the Mountain Pickers association was formed and they introduced the GAP in Harrietville.

That same year the organizers moved the convention back to Harrietville! But after two more years, they’ve decided to call it quits entirely. No Victoria bluegrass festival in November at all!

This year at the GAP a new group of organizers formed a committee and put together a plan for the new November bluegrass festival in Victoria.

The Pipi Pickers are very pleased to welcome the newly announced Harrietville Mountaingrass Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival. http://bluegrasstoday.com/mountaingrass-launches-in-australia/ We hope to see all our friends there in November!