Kiwis on US Radio

On 16 July, Jenine and Nat did an hour “guest DJ” segment on Fort Collins, Colorado radio station KRFC. We introduced the local population to what’s happening in New Zealand folk music.

You can find our notes from the hour here. We will add links to the artists played shortly.

1. Catherine “BB” Bowness, “Kitty’s/Jungshin/Into the Moment” from her album, “Village Green.”
2. Rachel Dawick, “Barbara Wheldon” from “Boundary Riders”
3. Chris Priestley, “Darling Jennie – Magicienne, Tightrope Dancer, Barmaid” from “Unsung Heroes”
4. Pacific Curlz, “Island Uke” from “Te Po.”
5. Gerry Paul, “Hank the Wrestling Shark” from “Tales From The Sea & An Elephant Tree”
6. Marlon Williams, Delaney Davidson and Tami Nielson, aka Grand Ole Hayride, “Minnie Dean,” from “Sad But True Volume 2”
7. Vanessa McGowan, “New Familiar Town,” from “Mermaids and Whiskey.”
8. Sanders, Alley, Geiling, “Interurie,” from “Continental Drift.”
9. The Gazebo Girls, “Looking Forward to Looking Back,” from “The Ragged Edge.”
10. Amiria Grennell, “I Saw a House,” from “Three Feathers.”

If we’d had more time we also would have played:
11. Tattletale Saints, “Complicated Man” from “How Red is the Blood.”
12. Micheal Young, “Hold Up the Sky,” from “Double Helix.”
13. Tami Neilson, “One Thing,” from “Kitchen Table Sessions Volume 2.”

The mp3 of our radio hour can be listened to here.

Good fun! Big thanks to our friends at KRFC, and particularly Brian “Scooter” Hughes, for letting us invade for an hour and take over the airwaves.