Redlands Bluegrass Festival 2013

On the one hand, it feels like we’ve hardly been playing at all this year.

On the other, we’ve played three festivals so far, two of which were in Australia, and we’ve got one yet to do, again in Australia. AND Our record, “As is, Where is” is OUT and available. We don’t have an order page or system set up. Just e-mail me. I’m working on getting it available for download through Bandcamp. But we’ll probably just sell the physical CD ourselves, seeing as they’re here in the living room.

In news: Redlands was great! So much fun! Queensland is lovely and warm and so are the people who live there. We played our best for them, too. Hoping to have video from the show up and available soonish.

Funny thing happened while we were warming up for the Friday night concert. As we played, we were joined by an angelic voice which turned out to belong to the lovely and talented Isabel Patton of the Kissing Cousins. She’s a fiddle player, a great singer who really really only wants to sing harmony, and stunningly beautiful to boot. And so are her boots. We asked her right then and there to join us for a song (Lucinda Williams’ “Can’t Let Go”). She is officially the Fifth Pipi. We’re looking forward to her playing fiddle and harmonizing on more songs with us at MountainGrass in Harrietville in November!

We’ll be putting some pictures on Flickr from the festival, and they’re already on Facebook, if you’re so inclined, feel free to visit us there. Don’t forget to hit that infernal “Like” button.