Hi-Res Photos for Promotional Use:

Wirrina, South Australia

The Pipi Pickers. (c) Adrian de la Fuente Photography 2013.

We aim to misbehave. (c) Adrian de la Fuente Photography 2013.

Auckland Folk Festival 2013

Here are a few of our fun times:

Aongatete Folk Festival

Aongatete Folk Festival

Bluegrass Slow Jam Workshop. (c) Ian Fisk.

Pipi Pickers at the Bluestone Room in Auckland

Pipi Pickers at the Auckland Folk Festival having a good time.  Photo credit Jill Guilleman

Pipipickers at the Swordfish Club in Paihia 2012

Ian Fisk has some photos of us at various events:

2013 Bluegrass Cruise:

2013 Mountaingrass

Photo credit for all of these is Ian Fisk

2015 Wirrina Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Festival

Barry Cake

Friday Concert 005

Friday Concert 010

Friday Concert 015

Friday Concert 020

Friday Concert 025

Friday Concert 030

Friday Concert 035

Friday Concert 040

Friday Concert Jenine 01

Gospel Concert

Jenine Bass Workshop

Saturday Concert Barry

Saturday Concert Jenine

Saturday Concert with Rachel

Saturday Concert

Slow Jam 02

Slow Jam
Photo credit for all of these is Ian Fisk

Heron’s Flight Winery, Neuerwine Festival, photo (c) Maria Kracjirovic, all rights reserved