Bluegrass Cruise and other news for 1Q 2013

A lot of people still ask how we enjoyed the Bluegrass Cruise! We thought we were pretty clear everywhere that we weren’t on the boat, we were just their “Port of Call” in Auckland. And to answer the question, that was great. The folks on the cruise were wonderful! We met the most wonderful lady in a stunning vintage powder blue dress who said she’d only signed up for the cruise because she’d heard us on Kim Hill and thought we’d be on the boat. Aw!

Summary: The Bluestone Room in Auckland is a totally awesome venue. John Howie and his Bluegrass cruisers are wonderful. Fun was had by ALL.

In other news, we thoroughly enjoyed playing the Ascension Harvest Festival. It was not the usual crowd we play to, so we got to meet heaps of new people. That was cool.

Upcoming: we are going into the studio this weekend, April 20-21, to attempt to record 9 songs for a CD. With any luck we’ll have it to bring with us to Redlands Bluegrass Festival in Queensland, Australia in August.